Services – Music

Drafting of all necessary agreements

in the music business, consultation on contracts, formation of bands, name and trademark protection, depositing of works, collecting societies (GEMA, GVL), social insurance for artists (KSK), digital exploitation (e.g., downloading, streaming, social media), accounting issues (licensing accountings), termination of contracts. Typical areas of consulting are:
  • recording artist contracts
  • record licensing
  • producer contracts
  • distribution agreements
  • music publishing agreements
  • sub-publishing agreements, administration agreements
  • publishing editions, co-publishing
  • band contracts
  • live performance agreements
  • tour agreements
  • management contracts
  • booking agreements
  • film music agreements
  • contracts between joint authors
  • cover versions, remixes, music video productions
  • merchandising
  • advertising/sponsoring/testimonials
  • digital exploitation (downloading, streaming)
  • collecting societies
  • trademark and title protection
More about rights and practical issues in the music industry can be found in the books “Praxishandbuch Musikrecht” and “Der Künstlermanagementvertrag”.
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